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Wroclaw is undeniably one of the best cities in Europe to party, with its vibrant Market Square district boasting an impressive array of pubs, bars and techno clubs. This vibrant cityscape has earned Wroclaw a reputation as a hub of some of Europe’s most thrilling, unusual, and exciting nightlife. 

To assist you in immersing yourself in all that Wroclaw offers and making the most of the Wroclaw Nightlife, we have compiled a quick list of the Dos and Don’ts of partying in Wroclaw. 

You can also check out our Nightlife Guide & Scams to watch out for more tips or some of the best quirky bars in Wroclaw.

Do’s of Wroclaw Nightlife

#1 Explore a Polish Shot Bar.

Numerous vodka shot bars are scattered across Wroclaw. Each shot bar typically offers a range of in-house mixed vodka flavours along with a variety of spirits and beers. These bars boast a vibrant atmosphere regardless of the time of day or night you visit. The most renowned shot bar in Wroclaw is Czupito. Shots and beers start from just €1.

Another great option is to take a Vodka Tour to learn more about Polish Vodka.

#2 Socialize with the Locals

Polish people are generally friendly and approachable and don’t allow language differences to deter you. Wroclaw is a student city, so most young locals are proficient in English. If not, have a shot and try your hand at Polish. It’s worth learning a few basic Polish phrases, as it’s sure to impress the locals.

#3 Generously Tip the Bar Staff 

Be generous. Regardless of whether tipping is common in your home country, it is customary in Poland. The bar staff will undoubtedly take good care of you if you leave a tip, even if it’s just a few zlotys.

#4 Indulge in a Late-Night Snack 

After a night out exploring the Wroclaw Nightlife, a late-night snack on your way home is a must. Instead of a heavy kebab, opt for some delicious pierogi from one of the all-night pierogi shops. This healthier choice won’t leave you feeling ill in the morning. 

#5 Party on wyspa słodowa (Party Island)

Not many cities can boast of a party island, but Wroclaw certainly can! Wyspa Słodowa (Słodowa Island) is a popular spot, especially during summer when the weather is pleasant. The island frequently hosts concerts, festivals, and other events. It’s not uncommon to find local students enjoying a chill night with some music and beer here. The relaxed vibe of the island and its beautiful views make it a perfect place to enjoy the start or finish of your night. You can also drink here in public legally.

Wroclaw Party Island

#6 Explore the Lesser-Known Places 

Don’t confine yourself to the main square; there are many great bars and areas to explore. The Nadodrze District has some excellent bars and pubs. Or join a Pub Crawl to visit some of the best spots.

#7 Specify your Drinks 

When ordering drinks at clubs, be precise about what you want, or you might be charged for the most expensive option. Simply ask for the cheapest option, and you’ll be fine. 

Pro Tip: Request the Polish vodka brand Wyborowa. It’s top-notch and reasonably priced.

#8 Join the Wroclaw Boat Party

 A weekend in Wroclaw is incomplete without the celebrated Wroclaw Boat Party. The party runs every Saturday night from March to October. Make sure to book tickets in advance, as they sell out quickly. This 2-hour river cruise offers an open bar, drinking games, a photo booth, a DJ, and an after-party pub crawl.

#9 Wroclaw gnome drinking game

You can’t miss the hundred of gnome statues dotted around the city, but one way to enjoy them is to plan the Gnome Hunting Drinking Game.

Game Rules:

Gnome Spotting: Whenever a player spots a gnome, they shout “Gnome!” and run towards the home and place their hand on it. All other players must also do the same. The last player to do so must buy the next round of drinks.

The last person to touch the Gnome also gets to name the Gnome.

Gnome Toasts: At each pub, before taking a sip of their drink, the most recent player to find a gnome needs to recite all the previously found names of gnomes. If they make a mistake, they have to down their drink.

Don’ts of Wroclaw Nightlife

 #1 Steer Clear of Strip Clubs 

We strongly advise against going. Regardless of how strong your desire is, avoid these places. The strip clubs here aren’t what you’d expect; they are exceptionally dodgy and designed to extract as much money as possible from intoxicated tourists. If you still feel the need to go, bring only cash and exercise extreme caution. 

Pro Tip: Do not pay with a card; they are notorious for charging your card multiple times, claiming it’s declined or an incorrect pin, but they simply process the transaction repeatedly.

#2 Avoid Street Girls

If you are approached by two girls on the street claiming to be lost and asking for your assistance, unless you resemble Brad Pitt, it’s best to decline and move on politely. This is a scam where they guide you to a bar they are affiliated with, and you will be charged exorbitantly high prices for drinks.

#3 Don’t Drink in Public 

Unlike Poland’s neighbour Germany, public drinking is not allowed here and can result in substantial fines from the city police. 

Pro Tip: You can always discreetly enjoy your drink in a soda bottle or a McDonald’s cup.

#4 Don’t Sleep on the Street 

While it seems like common sense, after several shots of vodka, a footpath may seem like a tempting place to rest. No matter how appealing it appears, avoid lying down even for a short nap, as you may wake up without your phone, wallet, shoes, or worse, in a police cell.

#5 Don’t talk to Security  

You can observe them, but ensure you look sober and not swaying or exhibiting signs of intoxication. Security in Poland can be strict, and you wouldn’t want to deal with one of them on a bad day.

#6 Avoid the 24-Hour Currency Exchange

Nightly operating exchanges (Kantor in Polish) will likely offer unfavourable rates. Most venues in Wroclaw accept debit or credit card payments.

#7 Avoid Paying with Large Denomination Notes 

Try to avoid using large denomination notes for payment as many bars and clubs often claim to have insufficient change, leading to larger tips than expected or even refusal of service.

Dos & Don’ts of Wroclaw Nightlife 

Depending on your preferences, these could either be in the Dos or Don’ts of Wroclaw Nightlife. Proceed at your own risk!

 #1 Spiritus

This strong liquor can elicit a love-hate relationship. At 95% alcohol, it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted.

#2 Order Every Vodka Flavour 

Challenge yourself to order and drink every flavour of vodka. There are numerous delightful Polish vodkas, but perhaps trying them all in one night isn’t the best idea. Or join a Vodka tasting tour. Wroclaw has many Vodka and craft beer bars and even craft beer tours.

#3 Get a Late Night Tattoo

 After a few shots of spiritus, anything can seem like a good idea. Wroclaw has several all-night tattoo shops around the Old Town, but ensure your friends don’t encourage you into something you’ll regret.

Final Words about Wroclaw Nightlife 

Wroclaw boasts an incredible and varied nightlife scene with something for everyone. However, as with most popular tourist cities, it also has its pitfalls. Overall, it’s a very safe and exciting place for group or solo outings. If you have any further queries about Wroclaw’s Nightlife or Wroclaw in general, please get in touch with us, as we love to share everything we know about this incredible city.

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