The Complete Guide to Wroclaw Airport

Wroclaw Airport

Welcome to our Wroclaw Airport comprehensive guide to all things. Whether you’re a first-time visitor here to check out of of the many things to do in Wroclaw or a seasoned traveller, navigating foreign airports can be tricky at the best of times. 

In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the essential information you need to know about Wroclaw Airport, including car rental in Wroclaw, how to get to and from the airport, and a handy Q&A section answering your most pressing questions like most importantly. Is there free WiFi at Wroclaw airport? (yes, there is)

We aim to help you easily navigate Wroclaw Airport and make your travel experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. So, let’s dive right in and explore everything Wroclaw Airport has to offer!

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How many airports are in Wroclaw? 

Where is Wroclaw airport? 

How to get from Wroclaw airport to the city centre?

TAXI from the Wroclaw Airport 

Public Transport from Wroclaw Airport 

Rideshare from Wroclaw Airport 

Car rental from Wroclaw Airport

Frequently Asked Questions About Wroclaw Airport

How many airports are in Wroclaw? 

Wroclaw has only one airport, about 10km from the city centre. Officially known as Wroclaw-Copernicus Airport (WRO). It only has 1 terminal, but it is as modern and well-equipped as many bigger airports.

It is Poland’s 5th busiest airport & serves as the central transportation hub for the area). It connects to destinations all across Europe and other big international airports. 

Where is Wroclaw Airport? 

Wroclaw Airport is 10km from the city centre, which is a mere 20-minute drive. The address of the Airport is Graniczna Street, 190 Wroclaw.

Being close to some of the main expressways and highways makes it super easy to zip from the airport to towns up to 200 km away in under 2 hours. The Airport is also only a 20-minute drive southwest of the city centre. 

How to get from Wroclaw airport to the city centre?

To get from Wroclaw Airport to the City Centre, you can rent a car, order a taxi, rideshare, private transfer or take public transportation.

Which one is the best option for you? 

We’ve researched and provided a detailed breakdown of all the options below, ensuring a seamless journey.

TAXI from the Wroclaw Airport 

How much is a Taxi from Wroclaw Airport?

A Taxi from Wroclaw Airport to the main railway station that is next to the old town is between 80 to 90 PLN (20 EUR). The official Taxi partner of Wroclaw Airport is Partner Taxi and Taxi Plus (+44 601 711 058). You can also book a private transfer for the same price from Get Your Guide.

Sadly, they don’t have an app or website for booking, so it’s not the most user-friendly option out there.

Wroclaw Taxi

How long is the Taxi from Wroclaw Airport

The taxi ride from Wroclaw Airport to the old town typically takes around 20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. However, we recommend planning for a 30 to 40-minute journey, as Wroclaw traffic can be unpredictable at times.

Are Taxis Safe in Wroclaw?

Taxis in Wroclaw and throughout Poland are completely safe if you use one of the registered official taxi partners or one of the rideshare options listed below. You will be riding with a fully licensed driver with a permit to operate a taxi, as the industry is well-regulated in Poland, ensuring your safety and peace of mind during your journey.

Where do I get a Taxi at Wroclaw Airport?

To find a taxi at Wroclaw Airport, head to the main terminal’s arrival and departure entry points. There is only one airport terminal, so locating the taxi stands should be straightforward and hassle-free.

Thanks so the kind staff at Wroclaw Airpot, they have made a handy little map that has the exact location where you can take a taxi from at the Arrivals and departures terminal.

Wroclaw Airport Taxi Zone Map

Photos by Wroclaw Airport

Rideshare from Wroclaw Airport 

In Wroclaw, catching a rideshare is a super convenient and popular way to get around town. Bolt and Uber are the go-to platforms in Poland, making it super easy for travellers. Good news – if you have an account with either of these providers from another country, you can use it just like you would back home. No worries! 

How much is A rideshare from Wroclaw Airport?

The price for a rideshare from Wroclaw Airport to the old town can change depending on things like how far you’re going, the time of day, and how busy it is. You’ll usually find fares between 30 PLN and 60 PLN. Check out the fare calculator in the rideshare app before booking your ride to be sure about the cost. 

How long is the drive from Wroclaw Airport

The ride from Wroclaw Airport to the city centre typically takes around 20 minutes, but it can depend on the traffic.

Where do I get a rideshare from Wroclaw Airport? 

To grab a rideshare from Wroclaw Airport, head out of the arrivals terminal and make your way across all three lanes to the Kiss and Fly zone, as this is the only place Uber and Bolt are able to pick you up from.  Double-check in the app, as it can change. 

Are rideshare services safe in Wroclaw? 

Rideshare services in Wroclaw are generally safe, as they stick to some pretty strict rules and guidelines. Drivers go through background checks, and the apps come with safety features like GPS tracking and emergency assistance. Just remember to confirm your driver’s identity and vehicle details before hopping in, and share your trip info with someone you trust for extra peace of mind.

So which Rideshare option should I take? 

Here’s our take on the ride shares available in Wroclaw. 

Rise share comparison for Wroclaw Airport

Public Transport from Wroclaw Airport 

Wroclaw Airport

Can I take Public Transport from Wroclaw Airport?

Yes, public transport is available from Wroclaw Airport directly to the Old Town. Bus line 106 operates to the Central Railway Station and the Central Bus Station every 15 minutes. The entire route takes approximately 40-50 minutes, depending on city traffic. 

You can find a detailed timetable here You will need to get off at the Main Railway Station (Dworcowa) stop to reach the Old Town. If you arrive late at night, the night bus 206  runs the same route as the day bus 106.

How much does Public Transport cost from Wroclaw Airport?

The 106 and 206 bus from  Wroclaw Airport to the city centre is 4.60 PLN as of January 2023. You can purchase a ticket from the ticket machine located directly at the bus stop, it takes cash (PLN) and contactless payment. 

How long is Public Transport from Wroclaw Airport?

The bus from Wroclaw Airport to the main bus station takes about 40 minutes, depending on the traffic. You will pass a total of 25 stops before arriving at the Main railway station or in Polsih Dworzec Główny (Dworcowa). 

Is Public Transport Safe in Wroclaw?

Public transport in Wroclaw, as well as throughout Poland, is known to be very safe. Buses and trains are maintained to a high standard and monitored 24/7, ensuring a secure and comfortable travel experience for passengers in the city and beyond.

Express bus from Wroclaw Airport

Due to the pandemic, the express bus service from Wroclaw Airport to the old town has been suspended. Currently, no information is available regarding if and when the service will resume. Please check for updates and alternative transportation options before planning your journey.

Car Rental from Wroclaw Airport 

If you’re looking to rent a car at Wroclaw Airport, you’re in luck! Car rental desks can be found in front of the baggage claim area, making it super easy to grab your luggage and hit the road. To help you navigate the car rental process, we’ve answered some common questions below.

How much does it cost to rent a car from Wroclaw Airport

Renting a car from the airport can cost anywhere from 100 PLN to 400 PLN per day, depending on the type of vehicle and rental company. The price includes basic insurance, but remember that additional fees may apply for extra services or insurance coverage. Shop around online and book in advance for the best deal.

How long is the drive from Wroclaw Airport

The drive from Wroclaw Airport to the city centre usually takes around 20 minutes, depending on traffic. During peak hours or if there are any roadworks or disruptions, the trip might take a bit longer. So make sure to plan your journey accordingly.

Where can I rent a car from at Wroclaw Airport? 

There are ten car rental companies available at Wroclaw Airport, conveniently located in the arrivals hall in front of the baggage claim zone. Major providers like Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, and local companies offer a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Booking your car in advance is a good idea to ensure availability and the best rates.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of all the car rental companies available.

Rental Car Company Phone Number Website
Avis Rent a car (+48 71) 35 81 293
Europcar (+48 71) 35 81 291
Hertz (+48 71) 35 81 294
Sixt (+48 71) 35 37 714
Budget (+48 71) 35 81 292
Enterprise (+48) 694 660 185
Panek (+48) 665 800 000
Car Net (+48) 600 205 205
Car Free (+48) 794 500 550
Flex To Go (+48) 514 167 588

Frequently Asked Questions for Wroclaw Airport

We have searched the depths of the internet and scoured review sites to find answers to all your questions about Wroclaw Airport. So, let’s kick off our comprehensive list with the most important question.

Does Wroclaw Airport have Free Wifi?

Yes, Wroclaw Airport offers free WiFi access for its passengers. The airport provides a free, reliable, and high-speed wireless internet connection throughout the terminal, ensuring that you stay connected and entertained during your time at the airport. Simply connect to the designated network and enjoy.

Is there a Money Exchange at Wroclaw Airport?

Money exchange is available at Wroclaw Airport on the ground floor in the public access area. It operates daily from 5:00 AM to 10:30 PM. 

We recommend exchanging your foreign currency for the local one before arriving, as the airport exchange rates may be less favourable. The same applies when leaving Wroclaw; plenty of exchange desks can be found throughout the old town, offering more competitive rates.

Is there a kids’ play area at Wroclaw Airport? 

Wroclaw Airport offers a kid’s play area located in the departure hall, just behind the check-in area and security check. Additionally, they can enjoy watching the aircraft being serviced on the apron from the departure hall.

How long does it take to get through security at Wroclaw Airport?

According to the official Wroclaw Airport website, it takes between 5 to 30 minutes to pass through security. We recommend allotting 30-45 minutes to ensure a stress-free experience before your flight. 

A Fast Track service is provided by Wroclaw April, which is available to all passengers regardless of your class of travel. The service can be purchased at the ticket desk for PLN 20 or online ( for PLN 15.

Do the staff at Wroclaw Airport speak English?

Yes, the majority of staff at Wroclaw Airport will speak English. There is also an information desk for foreigners conveniently located in the free access area on level 0. Here you will also find information on tourist attractions of the city and the region, promotional materials and maps.

What is the seating area like? 

According to numerous Google reviews, the seating area at Wroclaw Airport is quite comfortable. There is also an abundance of power outlets and USB charging stations available.

Is the Wroclaw Airport open 24 hours? 

Yep, Wroclaw Airport is open 24/7, perfect if you have had a big night on at one of the best bars in Wroclaw and need to head straight to the airport. However, remember that it’s a small airport with just one terminal, so if you plan to sleep before your flight, finding a quiet spot like you would in larger airports might be tricky. Many low-cost but reasonably quality hotels are within 1km of the airport. 

Is there a duty-free shop at Wroclaw Airport?

There are duty-free shops at Wroclaw Airport. You’ll find them after checking in and going through security when departing. If you are departing from Wroclaw, they’ll be accessible once you’ve passed through passport control.

Is there a Business Class/Executive Lounge at Wroclaw Airport?

Yes, there is an Executive Lounge located just past the security check. It’s a cosy spot, perfect for both work and relaxation before your journey. There are designated zones with comfy armchairs for resting and tables for working. The lounge also has a smoking area and fast-track passage to passport control for Non-Schengen guests. It’s open 2 hours before each departure daily.

Which airports have direct flights to Wroclaw from the UK?

Wroclaw is well-connected, with direct flights from major UK airports like Leeds, London (all airports), Bournemouth, Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Nottingham, Newcastle, and Glasgow.

Which airports have direct flights to Wroclaw from Germany?

You can fly to Wroclaw from most German airports. Direct flights are only available from Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, and Dortmund.

Covid-19 and Wroclaw Airport

Do I need a Covid-19 test to enter Wroclaw?

Good news! Covid-19 tests or Covid passports are not required to enter Poland from any country.

Can I buy a Covid-19 test at Wroclaw Airport?

Yes, you can! Covid-19 rapid antigen tests can be purchased at the airport, either on arrival or before departure. The tests cost 150 PLN/33 EUR for adults and 100 PLN/21 EUR for kids up to 12 years old.

How to get around Wroclaw by Tram? 

Now that you’ve made it to the old town, you might be wondering about navigating Wroclaw’s public transport system.

No worries! Wroclaw boasts an extensive tram network, and we’ve gathered some handy tips to make your life easier. For more detailed info, be sure to check out our in-depth guide on public transport and getting around Wroclaw.

Buying a tram ticket. 

When using the ticket machines, you’ll initially see the basic ticket priced at 4.60 PLN. But don’t worry, tap the “more options” button, and voilà! You’ll uncover the hidden 15-minute ticket. This option is usually more than enough for most journeys and at just 3.20 PLN, it’s a much more budget-friendly choice compared to the standard fare. You can pay with card, the ticket is then stored on the app.

Timetable & Tram Routes 

There’s an English app called Jakdojade that offers route recommendations and up-to-date timetables, making it super easy to use. Plus, you can conveniently purchase tickets right in the app, making your travel experience in Wroclaw a breeze.

We have added some screenshots of that pp and directions on how to get to the Wroclaw Boat Party meeting point.

Jakdojade Screenshot

Wroclaw Tram Map

Unfortunately, there is no schematic map of the whole city network of trams in Wroclaw on the public webpage and in the trams. This might be useful in case you want to plan your journey, check alternatives if you get stuck, and in many other cases. 

Thanks to our friends and VisitWroclaw, who found this map on Reddit, we can share the following self-made map, which can be very useful! Just click to enlarge it.

Wroclaw tram map

And there you have it! We hope this blog post has cleared up any questions you had and given you some handy tips

If you’re looking for something to do during your stay, check out if guide on the top things to do in Wroclaw, and most importantly, have a blast! Safe travels.

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