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Wroclaw has some of the best nightlife in Poland. Whether you’re on a shoestring budget, want to ball out all night or get lost among locals; Wroclaw has something to please everyone’s nightlife needs. But just like all great nightlife destinations, there are many places you want to avoid. So with that, we’ve put together the Ultimate Wroclaw Nightlife Guide so you can enjoy the best Wrolław Nightlife without worrying about finding yourself stuck in a tourist trap. 

Besides finding out about the best bars & clubs in Wroclaw, we have also listed the best places to eat in Wrocław before heading out for the night and the Does and Don’t of Wroclaw Nightlife.

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Wroclaw Nightlife: Where to eat

No Wroclaw Nightlife Guide would be complete without adding in some of the best places to eat in Wroclaw. Going out for a long night of drinking on an empty stomach is a big no-no! You’ll be glad to know that there are great restaurants serving seriously good food near just about every club or bar in Wroclaw.

When the munchies get the best of you, it’s great to know where to go. The best part is — these places are all delicious, very reasonably priced, and located very close to each other.

Nightlife in Wroclaw is great because it has a great mix of bars, pubs, restaurants and late-night cafes.

HALA Świebodzk

If you are a picky eater or don’t know what you are craving, then check out the food hall HALA Świebodzk. This grand former train station has been converted into a funky food hall and bar. The hall consists of various culinary concepts and a large, well-stocked bar.

El Gordito

This is the undisputed best place in Wroclaw to get Mexican food. EL Gordito is a favourite among locals and tourists. The food is delicious, and they have hand-made corn tortillas, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, totopos and much more. Their cuisine mixes Mexican street food and Tex-Mex, so everyone can enjoy it. 

Klubokawiarnia Mleczarnia 

Klubokawiarnia Mleczarnia has been serving Polish cuisine since the 1960s. They serve traditional food, with many meat dishes, soups and pastries. Their most popular and well-known dish is pierogi, which are dumplings filled with meat and potatoes, cheese, mushrooms or cabbage. They also have salads, soups and desserts for those who dislike meat dishes or want something lighter for dinner!

Art Restauracja Wroclaw

Art Restauracja is an excellent fine-dining restaurant in Wroclaw. It has a pleasant atmosphere, and the food is delicious. The service is impeccable, and the staff are friendly. The restaurant has a beautiful interior, and it’s located in the centre of town, so it’s easy to find.

The prices are reasonable at Art Restauracja Wroclaw, especially considering how good the food is. If you want to try some traditional high quality modern, and Polish food, then this is the place to go.

District Saigon

District Saigon is a great Vietnamese restaurant in Wroclaw. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The staff are friendly, and the food is delicious! The food is authentic, and the portions are very generous. You will not be disappointed! We recommend this place to anyone who loves Vietnamese food or has never tried it before.

Sultan Express Kebab

Sultan Express Kebab Wroclaw is a great place to go for a late-night snack on your way home after a night of drinking. It’s open until 6:00 am on weekends and is located just off the main street in Wroclaw, which makes it very easy to find. The restaurant has a small seating area, but it’s mostly for take-out or delivery orders. The food itself is fast and cheap.

Wroclaw Nightlife: Where to Drink

Nightlife in Wroclaw is unique thanks to the influences left over from the many different people that claimed Wroclaw as their home. It has something for everyone. The city is full of character and history and is a place where anyone can find something they will enjoy. These are just some of the best bars and clubs in Wroclaw, but once you visit the city, you will see that it offers even more. A great way to visit a few different places in one night is a guided Pub Crawl

Kick back & relax at one of the many beach bars 

You’d be forgiven for thinking there are no beaches in Wroclaw. After all, the city is 400 km away from the closest sea. However, many artificial beaches and beach bars are dotted across the city’s riverbanks. One of the most popular beach bars in Wroclaw is Forma Płynna Beach Bar. Another great spot is ZaZoo Beach Bar. A quiet spot is Odra-Pany, located next to Wroclaw zoo.  

Party like a student on Słodowa Island.

No, we don’t mean passing out before 8:00 pm. We are talking about grabbing a small bottle of flavoured vodka(małpka) and snacks and heading to Słodowa Island. The island is located on the north side of the Old Town. This is the only spot in Wroclaw where you can drink in public, and students take full advantage of this in the warmer months and those brave enough to be out in the colder ones. On the small island, you will find a few barge bars, a park and modern multiple-use coworking space and a restaurant.

You can also check out Wroclaw scams for more tips to have a safe night out

Get ship faced on the Wroclaw Boat Party.

Wroclaw is famous for its many canals and great nightlife, and the Wroclaw Boat party combines the best of both. This 2-hour river cruise takes you around Wroclaw while giving you an open bar for 2- hours, a Live DJ, and then a VIP tour of the best clubs in Wroclaw. 

See the bright lights of The Neon Gallery.

There are many places to drink in Wroclaw, but few like Neon Side Gallery. The building is a former factory used by Siemens AG during World War II. It has now been converted into a space for art exhibitions, film screenings, concerts and other cultural events. It’s also a popular place for locals to hang out and have a drink.

Go clubbing with the locals at Ruska51.

If you are looking to fist pump with locals until the early morning, then the place for you is ruska51. This small courtyard is located outside the Old Town. It has multiple different clubs ranging from dance music to Latino and hip-hop, as well as a typical Polish shot bar. It’s a one-stop spot for all your clubbing needs. 

The Top 6 best bars and clubs in Wroclaw

There are so many great bars in Wroclaw, and we couldn’t fit them all, but we have narrowed the list down to our favourite spots you can’t miss. Once you’ve checked them out, let us know what you think of the best bars and clubs in Wroclaw.

Czarny Kot

Czarny Kot is an excellent alternative bar if you’re looking for something a little different. The decor is a mix of vinyl records, posters, artwork and black cat lamps. This gives the place a very cosy feel without being too cramped. It is filled with sofas and different-sized seating areas. It also hosts a wide variety of events daily. 


Pewexx is a bar where time stands still. They have two levels of spacious seating areas with old-fashioned furniture and matching decor, which takes you back to feeling as if you’re drinking in an old communist bar. Incredible value drinks and snacks (they even have some veggie/vegan snacks) are available. Still, most importantly, it has a great atmosphere and is suitable for larger groups.

Bezsenna Noc 

Bezsenna Noc, which translates to sleepless nights, is a simple place that you’ll want to come back to. It has a charming, spacious interior filled with comfortable sofas and armchairs, creating a unique atmosphere of an old apartment—an ideal place to meet old friends and encounter new ones.

Bezsenna Noc is a non-smoking club, but for smokers, they have a separate smoking area with a separate bar and access to fresh air. They offer many exciting concerts, theatre performances, themed costume parties and the best dance music in the city. If your looking for more Techno clubs, then here is a list of the best Techno clubs in Wroclaw.

Cherry Club 

Cherry Club is an excellent club for anyone looking to party all night long, and it is one of the biggest and most popular clubs in Wroclaw. It’s located in the city’s centre, close to Rynek Glowny (the main square). It has been voted the best club in Wroclaw by TripAdvisor users.

The club has three floors, with each floor playing different music. The first floor mainly plays pop music, while the second plays house music and techno. The third floor plays EDM and R&B tracks that are more popular with young people.

Domowka Club 

Domowka is a club with a large dance floor that leads off into multiple seating areas, each themed like a room of a house and painted in a different colour. This is the best place to go if you want to dance all night long! It’s also trendy among young people and students, so it can be a good choice if you want to meet new people from all over Poland. Many different events take place at Domowka Club, including live music performances by bands or DJs playing live sets.

Grey Club 

Grey Grey club Wroclaw is an excellent club to visit for a luxury night out. The club is located in the heart of Wroclaw and has a fantastic design and atmosphere. The club is divided into two areas – one for dancing and another for chilling out. The main area has a large dance floor with many tables where you can sit down and drink with friends. The music played in the club varies, but it’s always great.

Grey Grey club Wroclaw has a wide range of drinks, from champagne to cocktails, whiskey and wine. The prices are reasonable, and the service staff are amicable and efficient.

Does and Don’tS of Wroclaw Nightlife.

As impressive as Wroclaw nightlife is, there are always bars to avoid and scams to watch out for, so we have put together this list of the does and don’t of Wroclaw Nightlife so you can have the best night out in Wroclaw. 

Does of Wroclaw Nightlife

Talk with locals

Polish people are generally friendly people (especially after some vodka) and love to chat with foreigners so they can learn about them, and as a bonus, they can practise their English.

Try some Polish Vodka

Poland is famous for its vodka, and the best way to drink it is an ice-cold straight shot. Still, if that’s too much for you to handle, you can always try one of the many flavoured vodkas on offer at almost every venue.

Tip the bar staff

It’s not required to tip staff in Poland. Still, a generous tip at the start of a night at a busy bar or club you will be staying at will ensure the bar staff will serve you first and possibly add some extra vodka to your drink.

Eat before going out

If you are drinking with Poles, you’ll be drinking vodka and lots of it, so make sure you get a bite to eat before going out. Pierogi is a perfect pre-party snack.

Don’ts of Wroclaw Nightlife

Use a currency exchange in Old town

Most of the places in the Old Town will rip you off, so try and change over your cash before coming to Wroclaw, but these days, all shops, bars and restaurants accept card payments.

Look at security wrong

Security guards in Poland are notorious for being angry and aggressive, so avoid them at all costs.

Drinking in public

It’s illegal to drink in public in Wroclaw, so make sure you finish your drinks before leaving anywhere.

Be careful with street promoters

Some street promoters will recommend a bar, but the menus will have no prices, and when you try to pay, it will cost you 10 times the regular price. 

Avoid the flower scam

If a child comes up to you on the street asking you to buy a flower for his sick sibling, politely decline and walk away, as this is a tourist scam.

Use a ride-sharing app, not a street taxi

If you hop into a taxi on the street and don’t check the price before setting off, the ride can cost 2 to 3 times more than it should. Apps like Uber and Bolt work here and are the best option.

Avoid strip Clubs

We don’t advise going to strip clubs in general, but the ones in Wroclaw have been known to spike drinks, charge people extra for drinks, and rip people off.


Wroclaw is the perfect place for you if you are looking for a vibrant and happening nightlife scene! There are so many great bars, clubs and restaurants to visit in Wroclaw. There really is something for everyone. We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best bars and clubs in Wroclaw and if you have any questions or think we missed something, please let us know.

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